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SECRETS OF THE HUDSON RIVER.THis photo depicts one of the best-kept secrets on the Hudson River. Summer Sailing school at Nyack Boat Club, Nyack, NY.  If you have children and wish them to learn the basics of sailing as well as a tradition that will last them a lifetime NOW is the time to contact one of the fine summer sailing schools on the Hudson River.  Besides Nyack there is one at Shatmuc Yacht club, Ossining, and Chelsea Yacht club in Wappinger Falls.

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If you’re an old salt like meand still remember the shear joy and excitement of your first few sails you’ll fall in love with the kids at City Sail, like I did.  I’ve never experienced such an enthusiastic and dedicated group of young people, thirsty for the experience, knowledge and skills involved in sailing.  The New City Kids after school program stresses leadership skills, scholarship and the discipline required to build the leaders of tomorrow.  Using the City Sail Program as template to practice these qualities is a natural fit and the kind of thing many middle and upper income parents do with or for their own kids.  Life lessons and adult relationships that will give them the experiences and the confidence to succeed in the larger and ever more complex world, it really does take a village. More....

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