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Friday, 09 September 2016 20:00

Ask Dr. Gel - September 2016

Most boaters know what can cause a fire on their boat but we’d like to bring to light the reasons for those that may not.

Why do boats catch fire?

Anything that can cause a spark can start a fire or even worse - an explosion in the bilge.

  • Lack of adequate ventilation
  • Shoddy electrical wiring
  • Over heating engines/transmissions
  • Galley from cooking/ appliances
  • Using automotive parts for marine applications;
  • There are specific marine starters and alternators just to name a couple that are built to be flash proof (no sparks in bilge)



Saturday, 27 August 2016 13:55

Newport Boat Show 2016

One of the largest in-water boat shows in the country and the premier show in New England, the Newport International Boat Show encompasses over 13 acres and will host hundreds of exhibitors from around the world with new powerboats and sailboats ranging from 16 to 100 feet, plus a variety of accessories, equipment, electronics, gear and services for boaters. To accommodate the growing number of exhibitors this year, Newport Exhibition Group is adding more docks to the North and South side of the marina.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016 16:47

Ask Dr. Gel - August 2016

What is “Gelcoat Mil Thickness” on a boat?

Why is it important?

Gelcoat is a material used to provide a high-quality durable finish on the surface of a boat.The most common gelcoats are made with polyester resin. Gelcoats are modified resins which are applied to molds in its liquid state. The manufactured component, when sufficiently cured and removed from the mold, resulting in the gelcoated surface. This is pigmented to provide a colored, glossy surface which improves the aesthetic appearance of the boat.
Gelcoats are designed to protect the boat, make it attractive, be durable, and provide resistance to ultraviolet degradation and hydrolysis. A much better
choice than paint......READ FULL ARTICLE


Wednesday, 10 August 2016 15:19

BOAT TALK WITH with Alex - August 2016

Q: Hi Alex, I own a 2007 Yamaha waverunner and it is is hard to start. I charged up the battery and the battery will last a few turns and then the whole things dies. I bought a new battery, and everything. I think the waverunner has a dead short somewhere, yet it ran great when I put it away last year! I’ll drop it off at your shop today to see what I find.

Alex: After checking out his waverunner, here is what we found. First, all new batteries come dry, that is you need to fill the cells with electrolyte after you buy the battery and get it into the waverunner......READ FULL ARTICLE

Wednesday, 10 August 2016 15:13

Tivoli Bays, Magdalene, and Cruger Islands

by Ralph J. Ferrusi

The 150 miles or so of the Hudson from Manhattan to Albany isn’t exactly jam-packed with islands. As I figure - relying mostly on my trusty 2011 DeLorme New York Atlas & Gazetteer - there are about 20: some very well-known, others “Heh???” Let’s have some fun with this:



Tuesday, 02 August 2016 13:00

Croton Yacht Club Hudson River Day 2016

The Croton Yacht Club will be sponsoring its annual “Hudson River Day” celebration on Saturday, September 10th. 11 AM - 4 PM at the Croton Yacht Club located at 6 Elliot Way in Croton-on-Hudson. The mission of the event is to promote interest in the history and ecology of the river, to cultivate future local environmental leaders and to promote, enhance and protect river related recreational resources.



Tuesday, 02 August 2016 12:32

HAMILTON…The Musical, The Inspiration

by Vicky Ziluck

Hamilton, An American Musical, opened August 6, 2012 on Broadway in The Richard Rodgers Theatre. By September 9th Ivey and I had seen it three times. Ivey’s cousin & my dear friend took us to see our first show Aug. 12 and we absolutely loved it! We were blown away not only by the concept but the performances and music. I was dancing in my seat to music I had never heard before... And I’m a tough customer :) For days after we couldn’t stop singing the songs; the problem was the soundtrack wasn’t out yet and we could only remember the hooks. We had to see it again and a week later we were back in the theatre, anxiously awaiting the start of the show. This time we were in the mezzanine (we had previously sat in the orchestra) and were now able to see every aspect; down to the lighting on the stage floor.


Wednesday, 25 May 2016 09:01

They were our Dad's - our Granddad's...

If you are an American, you need to watch this; it will bring tears of Pride & Thanks to your Soul for these Great Patriots.
Gary Sinise proudly walks in the footsteps of Bob Hope.
One had to be 17 to enlist in the military. While it is well known that people younger than 17 served in WWII (& other wars), we'll use 17 as a base...
The war ended in 1945 & this is 2016. That means the YOUNGEST surviving WWII veteran is 88. Keep that in mind when you watch the video. Quite a few do not look their age.
Something I'm sure you'll enjoy.
KUDOS to Gary Sinise! Double That! Click below & turn on the sound

Wednesday, 18 May 2016 09:48

Building up America's Boat Clubs MC

"There was a time when clubs had to do nothing to succeed,”he says. “Times have changed, yet club leadership hasn’t adjusted to the reality that the days of people walking up and looking to join an organization are gone. A club’s leadership may be highly successful in their personal careers, but they are likely making club decisions as a group that they’d never make in their own businesses or lines of work.”

So why are some boat clubs more successful at building member value than others? In this special report, we’ll tell you more about how Graves suggests that some club challenges can be met as well as about how specific clubs have nurtured growth — some even have waiting lists.

Click Here to Read Full Article

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