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Wednesday, 18 May 2016 09:48

Building up America's Boat Clubs MC Featured

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"There was a time when clubs had to do nothing to succeed,”he says. “Times have changed, yet club leadership hasn’t adjusted to the reality that the days of people walking up and looking to join an organization are gone. A club’s leadership may be highly successful in their personal careers, but they are likely making club decisions as a group that they’d never make in their own businesses or lines of work.”

So why are some boat clubs more successful at building member value than others? In this special report, we’ll tell you more about how Graves suggests that some club challenges can be met as well as about how specific clubs have nurtured growth — some even have waiting lists.

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In what promises to be a spectacular opening to the 2016 Hudson River boating season, Liberty Landing Marina will host three days of AC45F foiling catamaran racing like nothing that has been seen before.


Wednesday, 10 February 2016 05:25


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Since 2011 when the new generation of AC 45's were developed, testing and then incorporated into the America Cup world wide racing circuit, these boats have generated tremendous video coverage.  Now they are coming to New York harbor and will be seen by millions on Mary 7 & 8 2016.

While the official race course and U S Coast Guard regulations have not be set, we do know that one of the turning marrks will be off of the tip of lower Manhattan.  The official  center for the races is Liberty landing Marina, Jersey City.


Friday, 29 January 2016 15:16


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By John H. Vargo, Publisher

Only 20 miles south of Albany at exit 21B on the New York Thruway, the Village of Coxsakie is similar to towns you would find driving 40 miles north of Albany!

Quiet, laid back, very friendly with a terrific school system, you can walk to any place in town in a matter of minutes. Whats more important this fifteen year old home is right A home to raise a family in Great Value! $329,000

The Village of Coxsakie, unique....MORE

Friday, 29 January 2016 14:49


Written by Ralph J. Ferrusi

 I read Sarina Houston’s Why the P-51 is Still the Most Beoved Airplane at the Air Show (Boating on the Hudson and Be- yond, August 2015, pp. 74, 75) with great interest. Sarina nailed it. I’ve been a “Mustang nut” for as far back as I can remember. In my opinion, it’s the most perfect airplane ever to take to the skies. Sure, the Corsair’s cool, and I admire 747’s, C-130 Hercules, C-47/DC-3’s, B-17’s/B-24’s, but, for whatever reasons, the North American P-51D Mustang holds a very special place in my heart,Not a helluva lot of people get THIS view of a P-51.

 A thought: whenever any of the above admirable planes take off, balls to the wall, they ROAR, very loudly. Big radial engines, or big jet engines, ROAR. The short-stacked V-12 Merlin growls and snarls... It’s a sound like no other that I have ever heard, and a sound, for what- ever deep, mysterious reasons, I can’t get enough of... You Mustang nuts know what I’m talking about.      READ MORE

holidays nov pg26 2015Vicky and I have dedicated this holiday issue to HAMILTON, now playing on Broadway. It took my breath away. Never before has a musical grabbed me by the throat and carried me, on the edge of my seat, to the very end. It’s brilliance in storytelling and it’s beauty of expression are only part of the musical’s genius in sharing with the world the story of an incredible man who effected change in our country. His ideas and ideals not only hold up today but can speak to and are relatable, on some level, to everybody.

Every time we saw it we learned more about Hamilton, more about our country, more about what joins us together as a nation and what has always been there to try and break us apart. We had been inspired... the story and songs have entered our ev- ery day life. Where Billie Holiday used to reign in our kitchen, she has been replaced with the HAMILTON soundtrack.

We wanted to share it with you in the hopes that you too will go see this incredible Broadway show and be blown away just like we were. Thank’s to HAMILTON we give our Historic Hudson Valley Holiday!


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