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Tuesday, 13 March 2018 11:44

Art: ForLove & Money Featured

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No surprise, Art often out-performs many other investments, including the stock market and real estate. Art is a call to action for people with good taste who love to live with beauty every day of their lives. What recent auction records have reminded us, is that art and money are not mutually exclusive. When we buy a stock that goes up, we are ebullient. When the stock crashes, we have nothing to show for it. Art holds an added tangible reward.

Not every art buyer can afford the $450 Million Leonardo Da Vinci painting, but there known and new artists attracting art buyers every day. A Manhattan collector recently reported finding a painting for $300, that has since been appraised at $375,000.

Not a bad profit.

The point, you ask? When you buy a painting or sculpture you love, and it does not have a meteoric rise in market value, you still have the experience of owning a work of art you recognized and will continue to love. If you follow the art market, searching for old works of art and new talent that may increase in value for years to come, you could find yourself in the forefront of the art investment market.

Worst scenario: You've got art to love and enjoy forever. Now that is real value.



1951, Ceramic Goat Head (20 x 13)

Arguably the most celebrated, glamorous artist of his time, Picasso worked at Madouras where he produced this first outstanding original goat head platter which bears the Madoura impression with a flame, Plein Feu, Empreinte Originale de Picasso on the back. Later, in 1952 the artist with Mme Ramie, owner of Madouras, he made a limited edition, each marked with a number and other colors. This ceramic platter was purchased in 1961 from the Royal Marks Gallery, Madison Avenue in New York.

ask dr gel

Remove your Shrink Wrap as soon as the weather permits. Shrink wrap done correctly should have vents installed. If there are no vents and the temps heat up cut strategic holes in the wrap. If the boat is left covered on hot days the inside will become an incubator without ventilation.

It’ll be a perfect environment for mold to develop. “Food for thought” Traveling at highway speeds with shrink wrap on your boat may cause gelcoat rash (chafing)

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Friday, 09 March 2018 16:07

What You Can Do About Rising Insurance Rates

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what you can do

The industry trend for many types of personal insurance is that rates are on the rise. I don’t know why this comes at a surprise to many consumers since all you have to do is turn on the TV or radio or read the newspaper to hear of the volume of vehicle accidents involving distracted driving while texting, talking on a phone or changing controls on the dashboard, or wildfires, floods, or snow and rain damaging homes.

There are some proactive measures you can take to reduce your costs that I will discuss later in my article, but let’s first understand the nature of what insurance is and the role the insurance companies play.

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alex salomatoff

If you are constantly on the go, have very little time for anything but work, and, like everyone else have a cell phone growing out of your arm, your going to love this new set of wireless sensors.

Final a New Jersey based company, Arm It, has developed a set of sensors, that can be installed by Alex Marine Plus of New-burgh, NY on your boat that can provide a monitor service 24/7 of high water in your bilge, where your boat is at all times, even if a window, door or cabinet inside your boat is being entered or opened.

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eric meek glassmaker

The Corning Museum of Glass’ GlassBarge that is about to tour the Hudson River and the Erie Canal is a combination of skills, technology and creative artistry by a very talented team that travels with the GlassBarge to various communities along the way. Eric Meek, Sr. Manager of Hot Glass Programs for The Corning Museum of Glass has been creating objects from glass for the last 25 years. However, his college objective was to be a biologist, it was only because of the fact that he was required to have an elective course, and he chose glassblowing, that he is now the manager of all Hot Glass Programs at the museum.

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Friday, 09 March 2018 15:46

Grandpa Carl’s Kid’s Column

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grandpa carls

This month we’ll try to focus on the additional “stuff” that the adults should bring along to make those first forays out on the sweet water or brine memories that make the child want to repeat the enjoyed experience. Treat this article like a checklist of what makes for a successful trip because forgetting just one of these “essentials” might turn smiles to tears.

The last article (Feb/March), covered the basic fishing gear itself, but more is vital to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip for everybody involved. Let’s start with a fishing...

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waterfords canal

The 2018 season of the New York State Canal System will commence in mid-May amid fanfare and celebration, marking the 100th Anniversary of the modern Barge Canal system. The Waterford Canal Festival, a perennial event usually coinciding with the opening weekend, offers a chance for boaters and landlubbers alike to be a part of the action along the Waterford harborfront. The Chamber of Southern Saratoga County (CSSC) is joining the Village of Waterford in presenting the annual celebration, continuing the centuries-long revolution of marine transportation on New York State’s inland waterways.

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big fish

The premier Striped Bass Tournament in the lower Hudson Valley will celebrate its 5th Anniversary at the Cortlandt Yacht Club on April 27,28,29,2018

Boasting a grand prize of $2000, and a $1000 combined weight prize, this year’s event will surpass all other events in recent memory.

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Friday, 09 March 2018 15:32


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boat ride

A research paper published by Cornell University Cooperative Extension written by Dr. Daniel Van Hhoetenstein MBA, PHD, Head of Historical Studies Dept. has disclosed new and irrefutable proof that Viking Explorers settled in the Lower Hudson Valley.

An unexpected result of the mapping of the Hudson by GE for the core sampling study has been the location of wrecks pinpointed by GPX/ Side Scan Sonar.

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